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I use to have a feeling. It felt like I was on the verge of something amazing. Purposeful. Valuable. Something so magnificent that I would be lost until I reached it. As if I was soooo close. I could sense the power of it. I ached for clarity to see what it was. Now, I realize that feeling was a veil. It was made up of false realities. It was stitched together with all the little moments that I interpreted as, not enough. Too this. Too that. So I hid behind that veil. Feeling so close to that which was “missing”. I allowed the veil, to make sure everyone else was comfortable, until I became so uncomfortable inside of me that I thought I might burst. Now I know that veil doesn’t fit. Now I know that I’m closer than I thought. To all that I sensed so strongly. It’s all here already and it’s all coming to light. It is the light. It is love. It is me. It is us. We are one. The veil has lifted. We are not “so close”. We are here now. All of us. Together. If you choose to be. If you’re willing to see. 🎶Iluminar by @porangui #playwithnature #itsalreadywithinyou #wind #healingwaters #yourealreadythere #openyoureyes #light #love




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Beautiful Magical YOU 💙


Thank you for this transmission. I love it and you!🔥❤️




Beautiful 👏👏 love the scenery and vibes ✨




Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️